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Coffee Kit

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The sun is shining and you need your morning pick-me-up. We got you covered! Assembled in our morning coffee kit is everything you need to start your day right! Cozy up in one of our hoodies while the scent of freshly brewed Necessary Blend Coffee fills the air and begin writing your daily goals in your new journal. When your coffee's ready, your Changing Destiny mug will be waiting. Enjoy!

Included in our coffee kit:

  • Necessary Coffee Blend (12oz)
  • Coffee Mug
  • Journal and Pen Set
  • Cozy Hoodie

Our Necessary Coffee Blend is freshly roasted the Tuesday after we receive your order and shipped within 1-2 days. Please keep this timing in mind when purchasing this Coffee Kit so you are most satisfied. 

Additionally, if you purchase a Coffee Kit along with other products on our page, your entire order will wait to ship until we have your coffee in hand. An alternative option is to place two separate orders: one for the coffee kit and one for other merchandise. 

Thank you for understanding.