Necessary Coffee - Burundi

Necessary Coffee - Burundi

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Make A Difference. Drink Coffee.

BURUNDI - Tastes like Berries & Molasses

Available in 325 g & 5 lb whole bean bags

Changing Destiny, in partnership with Necessary Coffee, bring you sustainably sourced beans, skillful roasting, and everyday flavors.

**Necessary is a certified B Corporation - meeting the highest standard of social and environmental accountability.

Information: Burundi is a small, landlocked country in East Africa. Depending on the metrics employed, it ranks amongst the poorest nations in the world. Having spent a fair amount of time in Burundi, the team at Necessary thinks this nation, which is roughly a quarter the size of the state of Pennsylvania, has far more riches than can be measured by GDP per capita. Burundi is a vibrant, beautiful country, with beautiful people, culture, and coffee! This fact does not, however, take away from the economic realities and hardships faced in the country. For this reason, Necessary has teamed up with a coffee producer that is paying more to farmers than anyone else in this stunning country.

This coffee is freshly roasted the Tuesday after we receive your order and shipped within 1-2 days. Please keep this timing in mind when placing your order so you are most satisfied! 

Additionally, if you purchase this coffee along with other products on our page, your entire order will wait to ship until we have your freshly roasted coffee in hand. An alternative option is to place two separate orders: one for coffee and one for other merchandise. 

Thank you for understanding!