Necessary Coffee - Dark Roast

Necessary Coffee - Dark Roast

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Make a Difference. Drink Coffee.

BLEND - Tastes like Bittersweet Cocoa & Molasses

Available in 325 g whole bean bags

Changing Destiny, in partnership with Necessary Coffee, bring you sustainably sourced beans, skillful roasting, and everyday flavors.

**Necessary is a certified B Corporation - meeting the highest standard of social and environmental accountability.


Necessary's inaugural Dark Roast offering is from Brazil, purchased from producers in the region of Espíritu Santo. Our specific lot from the 2021 harvest is a regional community blend, composed of coffee bought from multiple small family farms - most of which are located in close proximity to Santa Maria de Jetibá.

Espíritu Santo is a fascinating outlier within the coffee producing regions of Brazil. In contrast to many better known Brazilian coffee regions, Espíritu Santo is quite hilly - making it impossible to implement the large scale mechanized production that is common elsewhere. This is a region of small family farms rather than sprawling coffee estates.  Additionally, the region is quite close to the ocean which means that the climate is cooler, windier, and wetter. The humidity of the climate means natural processing is much more difficult to execute consistently, so fully washed coffees - usually a rarity in Brazil - are very common in this region.

While our sourcing team is still at an early stage of information-gathering on the Espíritu Santo front, we have been incredibly impressed with the quality of the coffees that we have tasted from this part of Brazil, and hope that this initial Dark Roast project may be the first step towards a broader partnership in the region.

This coffee is freshly roasted the Tuesday after we receive your order and shipped within 1-2 days. Please keep this timing in mind when placing your order so you are most satisfied! 

Additionally, if you purchase this coffee along with other products on our page, your entire order will wait to ship until we have your freshly roasted coffee in hand. An alternative option is to place two separate orders: one for coffee and one for other merchandise. 

Thank you for understanding!