Necessary Coffee - Ethiopia

Necessary Coffee - Ethiopia

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Make A Difference. Drink Coffee.

ETHIOPIA - Tastes like caramel and cooked peach

Available in 325 g  & 5 lb whole bean bags

Changing Destiny, in partnership with Necessary Coffee, bring you sustainably sourced beans, skillful roasting, and everyday flavors.

**Necessary is a certified B Corporation - meeting the highest standard of social and environmental accountability.

Information: This coffee comes from a private estate in the south-western highlands of Ethiopia. The genetic birthplace of the Arabica coffee species, this region is ideal for the production of quality coffee. Grown between 6,000-6,900 feet above sea level, the coffee fruit develops slowly due to the cool nights that take place at this high elevation. This slow development makes for a naturally concentrated sweetness and complexity in the finished product. Another sustainable principle about this coffee process is that no chemical fertilizers are being used during cultivation and all of the coffee is shade grown. Employees of the farm are provided with housing, schooling, potable water, electricity, health care, and recreation facilities – all free of charge.

This coffee is freshly roasted the Tuesday after we receive your order and shipped within 1-2 days. Please keep this timing in mind when placing your order so you are most satisfied! 

Additionally, if you purchase this coffee along with other products on our page, your entire order will wait to ship until we have your freshly roasted coffee in hand. An alternative option is to place two separate orders: one for coffee and one for other merchandise. 

Thank you for understanding!