Passenger Coffee - Cusco

Passenger Coffee - Cusco

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Make a Difference. Drink Coffee. 

  • Cusco, Peru South America 
  • Notes of Browning sugars, chocolate and stone fruit 
  • wet process

Available in 10oz. whole bean bags.

Passenger is a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standard of social and environmental accountability!

Information (copied from passengers' website): This latest harvest from our producer partners in La Convención is a stellar example of the flavor profile that we look for in coffees of this region. Sweet, delicately rich aromatics of caramel, fig, and vanilla introduce a beautifully balanced cup with flavors of stone fruit and marzipan, bittersweet chocolate sweetness, and an elegantly integrated acidity reminiscent of green grapes.

This coffee is freshly roasted the Tuesday after we receive your order and shipped within 1-2 days. Please keep this timing in mind when placing your order so you are most satisfied! 

Additionally, if you purchase this coffee along with other products on our page, your entire order will wait to ship until we have your freshly roasted coffee in hand. An alternative option is to place two separate orders: one for coffee and one for other merchandise. 

Thank you for understanding!